Sacred Elements Teacher Training is a mentor based training designed around the fundamentals of yoga.  Practicing the true essence of what Yoga is and how it organically integrates into our lives with a steady conscious Sadhana “daily practice”, which enables and allows space for transformation.  This training integrates aspects of the mind, body and spirit through practices and teachings of asana, meditation, pranayama, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, mentorship, Sadhana, rituals, astrology, teaching methodology, business of Yoga, Seva, practicum, observations and assisting.   

What is a mentor based training?

You will be partnered with a mentor (certified Yoga teacher) who will take personal interest in supporting your success and fulfillment during this course.  


Every weekend offers an in depth look at asanas (yoga postures) and how to teach them in a class setting. You will learn safe alignment, cueing techniques and offer tools to keep each student safe and supported in the pose.


Meditation practice opens us up to the world, and allows us to realize fully what we are feeling.  You will learn various types of meditation in this training.  This will help you build your toolkit of knowledge, to best decide what practices best fit you.  


Pranayama is the art and science of controlling the breath to create the space necessary in each moment to calm and clear the mind and nervous system.  You will practice and learn how to teach these various techniques.  

Anatomy and Physiology 

Anatomy is a valuable part of Yoga Teacher Training.  It’s important to understand how the body works and how to keep your students safe. We explore all layers of the body from the mechanics of physical movement to the deepest layers of the subtle body. 


You will learn the history and philosophy of Yoga via the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. We explore the 8 Limb Path and dive into the Yamas and Niymas: guidelines for yogic living. We teach these ancient texts with deep respect for the practice, while introducing ways to apply this knowledge in every day living.


Yoga and astrology find their roots in the same tradition.  Ange aim’s to make astrology practical, approachable, and useful. You will understand a very simple technique on how to plan your classes according to the current state of the stars.  

Teacher Methodology 

How to sequence a class, support your students, and create a welcoming environment. No two teachers are the same, so we are here to empower your deepest expression and help you build confidence in your teaching technique.  

Business of Yoga 

If you desire to teach yoga and share these teachings, we are here to support you every step of the way. Unlike most teacher trainings where you receive 2 hours of Business of Yoga. In this training Ange will take you through her 3 day business coaching course. 


As Swami Niranjan explains it, “seva” is actually composed of two words, “saha,” which means “with that,” and “eva,” which means “too.” Taken as a whole, the word “seva” means “together with”  You have the opportunity to engage in a Seva project organized by the teacher training group serving and connecting with our community.   

Practicum, Observation and Assisting  

Part of your training is to attend and participate in 10 yoga classes.  Additionally, we ask that you observe 5 classes while enrolled in the training.  

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